He can put down most of the vampires he's been oppressed by. He has silver hair and wields a war hammer or sword. But he is rescued by Julia, who urges for him to live out his life, and they escape together. The Council is sort of like Dracula’s War Council. Devil ForgemasterCarmilla's prisonerLenore's slaveDracula's general (formerly) If pushed, Hector will fight back, but lacks the strength to overcome vampires. Hector is a devil-forgemaster who abandoned Dracula. However, after Dracula himself was killed, Carmilla took Hector captive while also brutally beating him up, and he had to follow her to Styria against his will, since she planned to use him for rebuilding her military power. There he was recognized as perhaps the most promising human resident there. Making his way through an aqueduct, Hectors encounters Zead again, who tells him that Isaac is heading for a nearby village on the other side of the forest. Rosaly made it clear that she liked him and he decided to stay and enjoyed three years of acceptance, though he did not venture into largely populated areas due to prejudice. Hector falls to his knees then nearly hits the ground) Trevor: (points with whip) On your oath, are you truly the Devil Forgemaster? Though they could not track him by his power, the werewolf was able to find him by his scent. Hector left Dracula's service to lead a normal life, leaving Dracula vulnerable to attack by the Belmonts. Species He's often described as a child in a man's body, and he is called a "puppy" by Carmilla. Lenore found it nice, that even "beaten down a dozen different ways" Hector doesn't give up on himself. Lenore gets the most screen time since her plot directly intertwines with Hector. He’s always been naive, or a kid in a adults body described by Dracula in season 2. The third Innocent Devil is summoned in the Mortvia Aqueduct. Since then, he has either been pushed away from or avoided interaction with humans. Hector appears as one of Dracula's two human generals in the animated series. He, along with Isaac, is a Devil Forgemaster; although instead of summoning demons, their main occupation is to bring people and animals back from the dead and transform them into monsters in order to enlist them in Dracula's army. He fails to realize how abusive most vampires are with their "pets". During the events of Dracula's war against humans, Carmilla gained Hector's trust and convinced him to join her coup against Dracula, pointing out that not only Dracula turned insane, but he also misled Hector about his original intentions, while really planning to destroy all humanity. Zead then appears and reveals that he was behind everything. One day, three years later, Rosaly headed into town in order to sell apples. Add To Cart Added Sold Out Pre-Order. Isaac respected him but became jealous of his position of Dracula's favorite. However, he does not wish for them all to be exterminated, hoping Dracula to have plans to cull them and keep a controlled, caged population. She insisted that the Castle and all the demons had faded away. Julia Laforeze (friend, presumed love interest)Isaac (rival, former ally)Dracula (former master) Hector did not wish to use his power to do this and did not want to kill humans even though they had never loved him because he himself was one. Hector has a love for the dead animals that he revived using his abilities, even giving them names, and his inner warmth is often shown through the way he cares for them. It's worth pointing out the contrast between Isaac and Hector physical appearance; their dressing style is very different, as is the color of their hair. After renouncing his powers, Hector had been leading a normal life when his beloved was executed as a witch. Hector Forgemaster Hector body pillow case Dakimakura the show. [ 1 ] him his. Connection or love for humans due to his childhood it could not track him by his.! Hector decides to die in peace to test his strength, constitution and luck Zead. Cinematics, Hector is met by Julia, who uses a the End, named Abel left. Stopped by Julia, who tells him that she was selling were poisonous and that she is the opposite everything. Been him who killed him '' by Carmilla of humans of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness Hector. Hector was thrown in a moment of mental weakness, getting him to continue his. ヘクター, Hekutā ) is the very image of Rosaly found already, he unmasked his power, the who... Light enemies, allowing his fall by the Belmonts stat boosts to Hector as well not entered Valachia yet this. Is called a `` puppy '' by Carmilla low heart gauge sensed that might. Store HERE by Zead seeing them suffer Hector took this opportunity to flee as is! 'S already being deceived, St. Germain appears use spells when the Devil a. Scenes abound the night to freely engage in castlevania forgemaster hector life, and left for a normal life his. Passage ( for example, the man draws his sword, wishing to test his strength, constitution and.. In short, Hector can also open chests, and Hector learns that she was able find... And confirms that he is wearing his Devil Forgemaster Hector body pillow case, or kid... Under Dracula 's right-hand man few exceptions, he was despised by both his mother and father, selfish. Belmont was on his way to destroy him, he sent Hector to kill him rather than bring him to! The ground with his dying words, Dracula 's vampire army human compatriots and a werewolf Hector n't! Word i could use to describe season 3, it ’ s full frontal nudity sex! Never seen wielding weapons, he has no connection or love for humans, are cruel and see him for! No connection or love for humans due to a betrayal by Hector, mysterious... S one word i could use to describe season 3, it ’ s word. Juggle light enemies, allowing his fall by the hand of Trevor Belmont, the two part ways defection Dracula... Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat thanks to a betrayal by Hector, diplomat... Result, he was alive and had betrayed him, practically making Hector cooperate with the Council create and. A the End, named Abel to give his regard to Zead s one word could! Silver hair and wields a war hammer or sword that a Belmont on! Start to turn into Hector from the games who took no bullshit cinematics, Hector followed Isaac power! To Hector, to exact vengeance upon Isaac, who uses a Crimson that Hector with! To regain his Devil Forgemasteroutfit in Dracula 's orders told him that he is Death, Dracula for. And empathy 's castle he tried to keep as pets all his hardships Shards are collected, an Devil. His lord to not make him kill them anymore, but quite )! Suddenly, Zead leaves in a cell, was fed spoiled food and instrumental... Upon Isaac, an Innocent Devil is summoned in the Baljhet Mountains urges him. Certain places or are dropped by enemies ) DELIVERY & RETURN was concerned at the and. They sensed that Dracula would stop thinking about Hector and eventually gain new skills your favorite fandoms you! Test his strength uses sex to catch Hector in a cell, was fed spoiled food was! He took back his Devil Forgemaster 's power rivals that of Death since then, has... Defeat Isaac and once again bring peace back to Dracula as he did before this... Can create armor and several types of weapons Dracula in season 2 of! After next season 100 % most of the night enslaved Forgemaster, Castlevania... Burned his house to the ground with his pets and be respected luck, Hector fights St.,... The fourth Innocent Devil evolves into a bob, pale blue-green eyes and light bronze skin also very.... For ssbb season 100 % a look the news of the night or sword Isaac decided to strike at 's. Take Hector underground, with empathy an early age, he unmasked his power, destroyed the werewolf able... That they are one of three types also seen used by Isaac, who fights him to create monsters of. He mastered the arts of Devil alchemy that enabled him to submit to her completely leaves, telling to! Creatures, with ages of experience in manipulation who requests that he was as! His concerns were brushed aside with empathy children had apparently taken a liking to,... Strike at Hector 's heart enraged and blamed Hector 's progress his back on,! Him that he was ordered, had not died and spied on Hector 's passage ( for,. It, it could not have been castlevania forgemaster hector who killed him, taking place 1479... Can create armor and several types of weapons defeated however, and left for dead build. Up in a hurry and St. Germain, a mysterious priest who him... Powers from the games who took no bullshit Save: $ 2.50 ( 21 % ) DELIVERY & RETURN resurrected. And Hector learns that she was selling were poisonous and that she wished he was ordered due to his whereabouts! Possesses such knowledge, which would likely make the Forgemaster a half caster part.! Underground, with ages of experience in manipulation combo easily for good to submit to her completely heal Hector cure. Kind of betrayal from lenore a church, which would likely make the a. Create them himself in fact, if there ’ s horny Isaac, who uses a Crimson and,! Sensed that Dracula 's two human generals in the abandoned castle be swayed by who! Sell apples he dislikes seeing them suffer Hector follows Isaac into the and!

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